Spare a Rose, Save a Child

Spare A Rose is simple: buy one less rose this Valentine’s Day and donate the value of that flower to children with diabetes.

Lack of access to insulin is the most common cause of death for children with diabetes in many countries around the world. You can do to help:

Make a Donation to Life for a Child

Who We Are

Partnering for Diabetes Change (P4DC) is a coalition of people living with diabetes and industry representatives aiming to address unmet needs in diabetes through community and collaboration.

Our Mission

Through our work, we seek to validate the role of peer support in diabetes management, address the stigma of diabetes, and ultimately support underserved communities.


In January 2013, a day-long working session was held with several members of Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies and several voices from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). The goal was to highlight some of the greatest unmet needs within the diabetes community and to discuss ideas about how we can address these needs, better assist the community, and transform the future of diabetes care, both globally and domestically.


Following an energetic, inspiring, and passionate discussion, the P4DC Coalition was born and committed to addressing the following “unmet needs” in diabetes:

  1. Validation of the DOC and its role in better diabetes management and improved health outcomes.
  2. Addressing the stigma of diabetes with educational initiatives that increase the understanding and awareness of type 2 diabetes and bridge the gap between the type 1 and type 2 communities.
  3. Supporting underserved communities with initiatives that give back directly to people with diabetes who do not have adequate access to care.