Office Campaign Tool Kit



The Diabetes Community is vast and filled with people driven by passion and dedication. The community includes patients, caregivers, business leaders, and countless other people touched by diabetes. Over the past three years, our community as a whole has come together around Valentine’s Day to help address the serious issue of access to insulin in developing countries during the  Spare A Rose/ Save a Child campaign.

Part of the success over the past three years is thanks to several generous companies who supported the effort through in-office campaigns. By giving their staff the opportunity to participate in Spare a Rose, these companies allowed our campaign to expand our audience, which in return helped save even more lives of children in need.

Would your workplace benefit from a fun February event? Join us!

Why Get Involved?

When asked why companies chose to participate in Spare a Rose one executive simply said, “Because it is the right thing to do.”  What more do you need?

Here’s How to Do It:


Enthusiastic support from executive management is inspiring, and important.  Spare a Rose can be a fun, but powerfully effective campaign.  When company leadership support Spare a Rose efforts, it helps raise visibility for the campaign and empowers conversations and participation.  This is a time to rally your employees around an effort that has real and powerful outcomes!  We encourage leadership to send positive messages introducing the campaign and share updates as well as stories of success along the way to motivate participation.


We have some sample emails that can be customized to fit your individual company culture. The templates can be downloaded here 

Words are effective, but a great visual aid can help drive the messaging home. Please feel free to use the materials on our images page.

We have created a template for a Spare A Rose Business Card. Feel free to download it and have copies made to help share the campaign.

Here is a sample of the front and back:



Everyone loves being on a winning team, and over the past three year’s Spare a Rose donations have provided a year of life-saving supplies to over 1,000 children. Be a part of our community success.

To help communicate the campaign, posters are available to print and hang at coffee stations, break rooms, and other high-traffic locations.  These are available on our Images page.

Sharing success

Ease of Participation

Spare a Rose is designed to be easy to act on, but with long-lasting impact. In February, we will have a simple PayPal form that you and your company can use for donations.  (You may want to check with the IT department to be sure that the company firewall allows access to that form before the campaign starts.)  All donations are tax deductible.


Office place rewards can help raise awareness, money, and morale. Here are a few ideas to kick off Spare a Rose season:

  • All participants allowed to wear jeans or other non-typical attire on 2/12
  • Raffles of company marketing swag to participants
  • Department leaders raffle taking an employee’s car for a mid-February wash (especially awesome if you live in New England)
  • Company department that raises the most money receives catered lunch

… and so on and so forth.  Whatever fits your company culture, embrace that reward and make it part of your February plans!  You and your team have the opportunity to save lives across the globe, and we’re thankful for your support.  If you have questions or concerns, please connect with one of the founders and we’ll get back to you right away!