SNACKS! It is a party. Party Means snacks.  Snacks will make the day. I’m pledging an Extra Rose for Team Snacks!

February 7 By Evelyn, Bolivia “What I like to think about, school and sports, friendship, love and sweets. What I have to think about insulin, doctors’ visits, injections and a meter.”

February 6 By Musa, India “The Centre of my Diabetes Care”

February 5 By Sumera, Pakistan For Each Patient is One Healing For each patient is one healing. For each pain is one medicine.   I am not afraid of anything. Just God is enough.   He will give healing to my disease. He will give reward for my patience.   In my words there is depth. In

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February 4 By Husna, India “My Diabetes, My Family, My World.”

February 3 Lakshya, India “When blood sugar goes low Excessive hunger impulse starts If I don’t take food on time Then consciousness departs.”

February 2 By Nikolai, Mexico “The Do’s and Don’t s of my life with Diabetes.”

Spare a Rose This Valentine’s Day and Help Save the Lives of Children with Diabetes Diabetes Online Community Supports Fundraiser in February to Benefit International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child Program. PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A dozen roses may be a symbol of love in February, but one single rose can be

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February 1 Nweke “Then I went to camp – it was stunning. Everyone had to test their glucose and take insulin. For the whole day everyone is the same. Each summer I became closer with other campers who are now some of my best friends. I wasn’t alone, the feeling was beautiful.”